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Before & After

Ever wonder what your photo looked like before the finished edit? These are some of my favorite before and after shots. Editing is a huge part of the photography process and usually the longest. So next time you're paying big bucks for your photographer, keep this in mind. ;)

Before & After

Preset 'Amber'

Preset 'Amber'

Artistic Styles

Below is a photo swatch for you to review the many different artistic styles I have created during my photo shoots.  Please keep in mind that lighting plays a HUGE role in how the style will turn out on each photo.  These are just the basic styles and can be further enhanced and altered to fit each specific situation.  If you are looking for a particular style please mention this during the planning stages of your photo shoot.  I have used the same photo so that you can see how the effect changes.  Enjoy!

  • Yesterday



  • Winter Wonderland

    Winter Wonderland


  • Warm & Poppy

    Warm & Poppy


  • Vibrant Shadows

    Vibrant Shadows


  • Vampire



  • Spotlight



  • Soft Pop

    Soft Pop


  • Soft & Creamy

    Soft & Creamy


  • Slate



  • Shimmery Sunset

    Shimmery Sunset


  • Serendipity



  • Radio



  • Purple Dream

    Purple Dream


  • Pretty In Pink

    Pretty In Pink


  • Orangesicle



  • Opposites Attract

    Opposites Attract


  • Ocean Blue

    Ocean Blue


  • Loud HDR

    Loud HDR


  • Like A Cloud

    Like A Cloud


  • In The Shadow

    In The Shadow


  • Iceland



  • Golden Winter

    Golden Winter


  • Foilage



  • Faded Light

    Faded Light


  • Eternal Flame

    Eternal Flame


  • Eccentric



  • Dreamscape



  • Dream Affair

    Dream Affair


  • Dark Knight

    Dark Knight


  • Cream Saturation

    Cream Saturation


  • Cream Black & White

    Cream Black & White


  • Candy Shop

    Candy Shop


  • Cafe



  • Bright White

    Bright White


  • Blue Fairytale

    Blue Fairytale


  • Baby Boy

    Baby Boy


  • Angellic



  • After Shock

    After Shock


  • 60s